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Water Damage Product Information

Water Damage Product Information

Are you considering an investment in water damage prevention equipment for your home? The research necessary to get up to speed on these products can seem pretty extensive. Common questions we hear from customers include: What type of backup sump pump can I use in my home? What size primary sump pump do I need in the first place? And what is this "backflow" term that plumbers keep mentioning?

Learn about topics like these in our product information articles below:

How to Make a Sandbag DamHow to Make a Sandbag Dam Infographic on How to Make an Emergency Dam out of Sandbags


Lift - Static and Friction Head explainedLift - Static and Friction Head explained - Learn what these terms mean and why they are important to consider when choosing the right sump pump.


Product PressPress / Articles - Articles from magazines, and other sources, featuring the products we carry.


Sump Pump SizeSump Pump Size - How to calculate the sump pump capacity you need.


Why Install a Backup Sump Pump in Your Basement?Why Install a Backup Sump Pump in Your Basement? - Backup sump pumps can save a lot of money and hassle. Learn how.


Battery Powered Sump Pumps

Sump Pump BatteriesSump Pump Batteries - Information on batteries for Hydropump battery backup sump pumps.


Water Powered Sump Pumps

Advantages of ceiling mounted water powered sump pumpsAdvantages of Ceiling Mounted Water Powered Sump Pumps - Learn why it's better to mount your pump high above the pit.


BasepumpBasepump - How the Basepump water powered backup sump pump works. How it prevents backflow problems. Plumbing requirements for a home to be able to use it. Installation video.


Basepump water powered sump pump installationBasepump Water Powered Sump Pump Installation - Steps and diagrams for Basepump installation.


How do water powered sump pumps work?How do Water Powered Sump Pumps Work? - Watch our video to learn how water pressure powers these pumps instead of electricity.


How much does it cost to run a water powered sump pump?How Much Does it Cost to Run a Water Powered Sump Pump? - Is it expensive to operate a water powered sump pump? Our article explains.


How to Choose the Right Water Powered Sump Pump for Your HomeHow to Choose the Right Water Powered Sump Pump for Your Home - An overview of the considerations involved when choosing a water powered sump pump.


Sump Pump ProblemsSump Pump Problems - Learn about the problems that can disable primary sump pumps.


Water Driven Sump PumpWater Driven Sump Pump - An overview of the advantages of water powered backup sump pumps. How they work. Why backflow prevention is important. How Basepump solves backflow issues.


Water powered sump pump discharge optionsWater Powered Sump Pump Discharge Options - What are the different ways to discharge a Basepump?


Water Powered Sump Pump Backflow PreventionWater Powered Sump Pump Backflow Prevention - What causes backflow problems. The challenges homeowners face in trying to prevent them. How Basepump's built-in backflow preventer works.


Water powered vs battery powered backup sump pumpsWater Powered vs Battery Powered Backup Sump Pumps - What are the differences and which is right for you?


What is a vacuum breaker backflow preventer?What is a Vacuum Breaker Backflow preventer? - Learn what vacuum breaker backflow preventers do to protect the municipal water supply.


What happens to water used by water powered sump pumps?What Happens to Water Used by Water Powered Sump Pumps? - Where does it go? How is it recycled back into the environment?


What Size Water Powered Sump Pump can be Used in Your Home?What Size Water Powered Sump Pump can be Used in Your Home? - Find out how much pumping capacity your house's plumbing system can support.


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