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Basepump Water Powered Sump Pump Discharge Options

Should the Basepump discharge independently? If that’s not possible, can it connect to the main sump pump discharge pipe?

Independent Discharge is Best

The optimal setup is to install the Basepump with its own independent discharge pipe to the outside. This helps to eliminate unnecessary risk from your backup sump pump system. In the event that your primary pump’s discharge pipe clogs or freezes, or its check valve fails, you want your water powered sump pump's discharge ability to be unaffected.

Since the whole point of having a backup pump is to know that you have a system to rely on if your main pump fails, it makes sense to eliminate the risk that a problem in your primary pump’s discharge would affect the water powered pump. Also, it is worth noting that many towns’ plumbing departments only allow independent discharge installations.

Connecting to the Primary Pump’s Discharge

In some situations, however, homeowners might find it difficult or impossible to discharge the water powered pump independently. Although not optimal, it is possible to connect the Basepump to your primary pump’s discharge pipe, if the risks mentioned above are acceptable to you.

Or course, find out your town plumbing department’s requirements first, and make sure you completely follow the instructions that come with the Basepump. It is imperative that you make the connection properly.

Basepump Pumps with Vacuum Breakers Must Discharge Independently

Keep in mind that Basepump models with Vacuum Breaker backflow preventers (RB750-AVB, HB1000-AVB, and CB1500-AVB) must be installed with an independent discharge that self-drains to the outside of the house.

Because of the vacuum breaker, these pumps cannot be connected to your primary pump's discharge pipe. Also, they cannot be installed in a way that pumps water up higher than the vacuum breaker itself. This is to prevent discharge water from spilling out of the vacuum breaker into your basement.

Basepump Outdoor discharge Basepump Indoor discharge



This article is intended for informational purposes. Before beginning any construction project at your home, please ensure that you take necessary safety precautions and consult construction professionals whenever necessary.