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How do Water Powered Sump Pumps Work?

Water-powered sump pumps protect your basement from flooding, in the event of a main sump pump failure or a power outage that prevents your main pump from activating. Once water rises past the normal high-water level in your pit, the water powered pump’s float lifts, causing it to take over the pumping duties and prevent water from overflowing out of your sump pit.

Video: Water Powered Sump Pump

Here are the basics of how the Basepump water powered sump pump works. Watch the video on this page, as well, to get a visual sense of its operation.

During a rain storm or a period of thawing snow, water begins filling your sump pit. Maybe your primary sump pump fails, or possibly the power goes out, shutting off your main sump pump. If you have a Basepump water powered sump pump installed, the water in your pit will rise past the inactive main pump’s float, but it will then trigger the water-powered pump’s float.

The float activation causes a valve to open in the Basepump, which is installed on the ceiling above your sump pit. This valve sends water, from your home’s incoming municipal water supply, through the pump ejector. This water then discharges safely outdoors.

But, while it runs through the pump ejector, the water flow creates powerful suction due to the Venturi Principle, which sucks water out of your sump pit, and discharges it outdoors just like your main pump would have.

The water powered pump completes its cycle, emptying your sump pit, and then it repeats this process whenever the water level rises above normal again.

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This article is intended for informational purposes. Before beginning any construction project at your home, please ensure that you take necessary safety precautions and consult construction professionals whenever necessary.