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Family Handyman Magazine May 2014

Can You Count On Your Sump Pump?

Article from “The Family Handyman” magazine, May 2014 issue.

This article provides an overview of the causes of sump pump failure, the different type of backup systems available to homeowners, and helpful tips about sump pumps in general. Battery backup and water powered systems are discussed in detail, along with a section on using generators. Basepump’s unique ceiling-mounted design is cited for its effectiveness in backflow prevention.

Click on the picture to read the article (pdf).


Family Handyman Magazine Sept 2010“Plumb a Water-Powered Sump Pump”

Article from “The Family Handyman” magazine, September 2010 issue.

This article features the Basepump RB750 backup sump pump. It gives a brief overview of the advantages of using a water powered sump pump system.

The photo in this article is well-labeled, providing a good visual snapshot of how the pump looks when installed in a basement.

Click on the picture to read the article (pdf).


Home Inspector Magazine Sept 2003

An Ounce of Prevention

Article from Home Inspections trade magazine on preventing basement flooding. Features Basepump water powered backup sump pumps. Appeared in September 2003 issue, vol 20, #9.

This article goes through some of the history of basement flood prevention – how advances in basement construction and complexity created the need for better water damage mitigation systems. It then explains how different types of backup sump pump systems evolved to keep basement flooding under control.

The second page goes into detail about the advantages of water powered sump pumps. It discusses Basepump’s ceiling-mounted design and how this configuration allows for more pumping power, reduces wear and tear, and promotes backflow prevention.

Click on the picture to read the article (pdf).



These articles are intended for informational purposes. Before beginning any construction project at your home, please ensure that you take necessary safety precautions and consult construction professionals whenever necessary.