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We care about protecting our homes from water damage.

And we're sure you feel the same way. When a pipe bursts or water pours into your sump pit, having dependable water damage prevention equipment is all that matters.We offer unique, well-designed products that help you defend against water damage when disaster strikes your home.

A prime example from our product lineup, the Basepump RB750-EZ Water Powered Backup Sump Pump is a longstanding favorite among plumbers because of its exceptional reliability, intelligent ceiling-mounted design, and industry-best 5-year limited warranty. It is by far the easiest water powered sump pump to install on the market today and the only pump of its kind that comes with a Vacuum Breaker backflow preventer, to protect your home's incoming clean water source.

In the leak detection space we offer Aqualeak’s sensor-based commercial water leak detector product line as well as a range of residential and commercial flow rate based water leak detectors. We also carry a variety of other products, including battery backup sump pump systems, sandbag alternatives, and water barrier systems for flood control.

Have a question about how a product works or the best way to set it up in your home? Call our sales team, led by Bill Bonifacio. With decades of industry experience, our team would be happy to advise you on the best solution for your situation. Our goal is to help you defend your home from costly water damage by providing you with the highest quality products as well as the utmost in customer service. We ship to Canada and the United States.

Check out our learning center to learn about topics including: the advantages of using a water driven sump pump, why water-powered sump pump backflow prevention is an important issue for homeowners, and what sump pump size your home needs. Finally, in our Home Maintenance Blog we provide a wide range of do-it-yourself tips on maintaining your home, preventing water damage, and preparing for emergencies.