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Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

Home water damage often begins with a seemingly harmless drip, splash, or vapor. It is so easy to overlook the area behind your kitchen sink that receives a few small water splashes each time you wash dishes or the beads of water dripping from a sweating pipe in your basement. But, if left unchecked over time, water can warp, rot, and destroy the building materials in our homes. Fortunately, water damage can be prevented by inspecting your house regularly for warning signs and by taking the necessary steps to safeguard your home ahead of time.

For tips on water damage prevention and basement waterproofing, check out our collection of blog posts and articles below.

Basement Flood Protection ChecklistBasement Flood Protection Checklist - Advanced preparation can save you from a flooded basement.


Causes of Moisture ProblemsCauses of Moisture Problems - Learn what causes condensation and other home moisture problems. Describes how humidity makes insulation less effective, and includes signs of humidity and condensation you can watch for in your home.


Ground Water ControlGround Water Control - How to keep rainwater from getting into your house. Discusses the importance of well-functioning gutters, how French drains and footing drains work, and more.


Hiring a PlumberHiring a Plumber - Step by step process to go through when hiring a plumber. Includes credentials to look for, cost considerations to keep in mind, and pitfalls to avoid.


How to Clean GuttersHow to Clean Gutters - Learn how to inspect, clean, and maintain your gutters. Well-functioning gutters are essential to keeping rainwater out of your basement, so keep them in good shape!


Plumbing MaintenancePlumbing Maintenance - 10 Tips for Avoiding Plumbing Emergencies. Plumbing maintenance checklist - includes tips on inspecting water heaters, checking water shut-off valves, looking for water leaks, preventing basement flooding, and more.


Prevent Moisture ProblemsPrevent Moisture Problems - Tips on keeping humidity and moisture under control in your home, including information on ventilation, vapor barriers, precautions to take outside your home, and more.


Prevent Roof DamagePrevent Roof Damage - Learn how to keep your roof in good condition, including what to look for when inspecting your roof, the importance of ventilation and insulation, and how ice dams are formed.


Preventing Water DamagePreventing Water Damage - Tips on how to prevent water damage and basement flooding in your home. Learn danger signs to watch for in your water heater, washing machine, toilet, plumbing system, and more.


Rotten WoodRotten Wood - Is rotten wood hiding in your home? Find it now before it causes more damage requiring serious and extensive repairs down the road.


Water Damage CausesWater Damage Causes - Water damage costs are actually the largest type of loss paid out by homeowners insurance companies (even exceeding fire). Learn about the main causes of home water damage.


Water Damage Clean UpWater Damage Clean Up - Have you experienced water damage in your home? Learn how to begin the clean-up process.


Water Damage FactsWater Damage Facts - Infographic with some surprising facts about the causes and impact of water damage.


Water Damage Prevention TipsWater Damage Prevention Tips - Infographic with tips on how to prevent water damage in your home.


Water Damage SafetyWater Damage Safety - Important safety issues to know about if your home has experienced water damage, including electric, oil, and gas risks, the potential for structural damage, and possible water contamination.


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