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Installation Guide: Basepump Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps

Quick Installation Guide: Basepump models RB750-EZ and HB1000-PRO

For DIY’ers and Plumbers

Print a PDF Version of the Basepump Quick Installation Guide for your installer or plumber.

basepump installationSTEP #1: Locate the Basepump approximately over the sump pit and fasten it to the floor joist.


  • All mounting brackets and hardware are included.
  • 20 Minutes

water powered backup sump pump installation costSTEP #2: Install the suction pipe using either 45 or 90 degree elbows if needed.


  • The Basepump location does not have to be directly over the sump pit.
  • 20 Minutes

water powered sump pump installation costsSTEP #3: Install the discharge pipe using either rigid PVC pipe or the supplied hose or both.


  • A separate discharge is recommended, which will require drilling a 1-1/2” hole.
  • 60 Minutes

water powered sump pump installationSTEPS #4: Mount the float valve to the suction pipe, and connect the transfer tube.


  • Simple mounting, no special tools required.
  • 10 Minutes

how to install water powered backup sump pumpSTEP #5: Connect water line by inserting the tee into the line, and pipe to the Basepump.


  • The water line can be piped with copper, PEX, or CPVC tubing. Basepump RB750-EZ and HB1000-PRO both include simple-to-use push connection fittings.
  • 60 Minutes

basepump installationSTEP #6: Install the high water alarm.


  • Alarm and float switch easily mounts to the suction pipe, all hardware included.
  • 10 minutes

water powered sump pump installationSTEP #7: Final assembly and testing.


  • Turn on water valve and test system.
  • 10 minutes

Note: For complete installation procedures refer to Basepump installation manuals, available here: Basepump installation and discharge options.


A) Cost of the Basepump: $__________ B) Cost of the additional materials: $__________ C) Estimated installation time: __________ hours X $__________ per hour = $__________

Total estimated project cost: __________

Note: The installation times above are actual estimates from professional plumbers based on a typical install. These are only estimates. Long runs of water piping, sump pit configuration, small enclosed areas, etc. will affect the installation time.

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