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Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

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sump pump battery backupHand-assembled in the USA from high-grade components, Hydropump battery backup sump pumps are engineered for reliability and ease-of-use, providing you with confidence about your sump pit when your power goes out.

Unlike other battery backup sump pumps on the market, which tee into your primary pump’s discharge pipe down in the sump pit, all Hydropump models make that connection outside the pit, above the floor. This is critically important for a couple reasons:

  • Reduces wear and tear on your check valve, since with Hydropump you can position that valve safely away from the turbulent point near your primary pump’s impeller. Damaged check valves are a leading cause of sump pump failure, leading to flooded basements.
  • Makes Hydropumps significantly easier to install than other battery backup sump pumps. In fact, the residential models, DH900 & DH1800, can often be installed in less than 1 hour. Usually, you won’t even need to remove your main sump pump during installation. Everything you need for a standard installation is included, except the battery (due to shipping weight).
battery backup sump pump check valve


Heavy Duty Check Valve

Here is a comparison of the Hydropump check valve versus one found on a competitor’s pump, depicting the actual size difference. The reliability of your check valve often dictates whether your basement stays dry or gets flooded. Which one would you rather have protecting your basement?



Choose from: the PH3000 Pro, which delivers high volume (3000 GPH) pumping power; the RH1400 (1400 GPH), which sits up on the floor to accommodate small or crowded sump pits; or the ultra-reliable residential models, DH900 and DH1800, which are incredibly easy to install (900 GPH & 1800 GPH, respectively).

Hydropump RH1400 Battery Backup Sump Pump for Small Sump Pits

  • Specifically designed for small or crowded sump pits, this pump sits on floor instead of taking up space in the sump pit.
  • Average pumping rate: 1400 gallons/hour, at 9 feet of lift

Hydropump PH3000 Pro Battery Powered Backup Sump Pump

  • High capacity - Average pumping rate: 3,000 gallons/hour at 10 feet of lift.
  • Commercial grade cast aluminum construction
  • Can be connected to home security systems

Hydropump DBC Dual Battery Case

  • Doubles the pumping time of Hydropump DH900, DH1800, or PH3000 battery backup sump pumps by adding capacity for a second battery.
  • Kit includes battery case and necessary cables (battery not included)