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Product Image Residential water-gate barrier

Water-Gate WP Residential Flood Control Barrier (WP-1410)

$ 450.00

Model No. WP-1410
Manufacturer: MegaSecur

Call us to discuss your needs and order (1-800-318-4159).

Water-Gate products come in sectional units and can be configured in many ways. The unit shown on this page is just one example; there are many other sizes. Pricing is shown in the table below.

Call us to discuss your needs and order (1-800-318-4159). To learn more about how Water-Gate works, see our overview on Water-Gate Flood Barriers.

Free Ground Shipping to the Continental U.S. - for the WP Barrier product line only.

Quick Summary

  • Portable flood control barrier for protecting houses, driveways, yards, and other residential property from flooding.
  • Easy to install: A barrier can be set up in many cases by a single person in just a few minutes.
  • Automatic deployment: Barrier unfolds on its own as the water rises into it.
  • Multiple barriers can be connected together to protect large areas.
  • Flexible: Can bend to contour to the shape of the ground or turn a corner around the perimeter of a house or yard.

How Water-Gate Flood Barriers Work: Holding back floodwater by utilizing the water’s own weight.

  • Unroll the Water-Gate barrier along the ground and secure the front bib.
  • As water fills the Water-Gate, the water’s weight secures the bottom of the barrier to the ground and its pressure pushes the barrier’s pocket open, automatically activating the dam.
  • Water-Gate’s dimensions make it exceptionally stable. The bottom surface of the barrier is 4 times greater than its water retention height, so that the water’s downward force against the bottom of the barrier greatly exceeds its horizontal force against the barrier’s unfolded wall. By harnessing the water’s weight in this proportion, the dam remains stable on the ground.
  • When the floodwater recedes, the barrier automatically closes. It can then be cleaned, dried, rolled, and stored – ready for its next deployment.

Technical Information

  • WP Barriers are made from very resistant polyethylene fabric.
  • Polyethylene fabric pockets are sewn into the water barrier allowing weights or small sand bags to be inserted as ballasting.
  • Resistant polypropylene straps allow for easy handling.

Sizes and Pricing

See chart below for available sizes and pricing. Call to order.

Imperial system
Retention height x Length
Metric system
Retention height x Length
Unit Weight
lbs / kg
Unit Price

WP-1410 14" x 10' 35 cm x 3.0 m 6.0 / 2.7 $450
WP-1415 14" x 15' 35 cm x 4.6 m 9.0 / 4.1 $715
WP-1430 14" x 30' 35 cm x 9.1 m 15 / 6.8 $1,210
WP-1450 14" x 50' 35 cm x 15.2 m 25.4 / 11.5 $1,915
WP-2010 20" x 10' 50 cm x 3.0 m 10.9 / 5.0 $535
WP-2015 20" x 15' 50 cm x 4.6 m 14.8 / 6.7 $755
WP-2030 20" x 30' 50 cm x 9.1 m 22.8 / 10.3 $1,265
WP-2050 20" x 50' 50 cm x 15.2 m 36.6 / 16.6 $2,035
WP-2610 26 ½" x 10' 67 cm x 3.0 m 11.6 / 5.3 $645
WP-2615 26 ½" x 15' 67 cm x 4.6 m 16 / 7.3 $870
WP-2630 26 ½" x 30' 67 cm x 9.1 m 30.4 / 13.8 $1,550
WP-2650 26 ½" x 50' 67 cm x 15.2 m 50.8 / 23 $2,475

Shipping Information

  • Free ground shipping to the Continental U.S., for the WP Barrier product line (shipping charges apply to all other Water-Gate products, apart from WP Barriers).