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Product Image Water-gate WL barrier

Water-Gate Instant Flood Control Barrier (WL-0630)

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Model No. WL-0630
Manufacturer: MegaSecur

Call us to discuss your needs and order (1-800-318-4159).

Water-Gate products come in sectional units and can be configured in many ways. The unit shown on this page is just one example; there are many other sizes. Call for pricing.

Call us to discuss your needs and order (1-800-318-4159). To learn more, see our Water-Gate Water Barrier overview page.

Quick Summary

  • Portable flood control barrier for protecting commercial and municipal property from flooding.
  • Adapts to a wide variety of uses, such as: Protecting the perimeter of buildings, blocking water from entering streets and tunnels, or channeling floodwater to a safe location.
  • Easy to install: A barrier can be set up in many cases by a single person in just minutes.
  • Automatic deployment: Barrier unfolds on its own as the water rises into it.
  • Multiple barriers can be connected together to protect large areas, for instance an entire neighborhood.
  • Flexible: Can bend to contour to the shape of the ground, follow the curve of a river bank, or turn around the corner of a building.
  • Reusable: Durable construction is designed to be used over and over, even in winter.

How Water-Gate Flood Barriers Work: Hold back floodwater by utilizing the water’s own weight.

  • Unroll the Water-Gate barrier along the ground and secure the front bib.
  • As water fills the Water-Gate, the water’s weight secures the bottom of the barrier to the ground and its pressure pushes the barrier’s pocket open, automatically activating the dam.
  • Water-Gate’s dimensions make it exceptionally stable. The bottom surface of the barrier is 4 times greater than its water retention height, so that the water’s downward force against the bottom of the barrier greatly exceeds its horizontal force against the barrier’s unfolded wall. By harnessing the water’s weight in this proportion, the dam remains stable on the ground.
  • When the floodwater recedes, the barrier automatically closes. It can then be cleaned, dried, rolled up, and stored – ready for many years of re-deployment.

Water-Gate WL Barriers’ Many Uses: Commercial & Municipal Flood Control

  • Protect doorways, buildings, tunnels, streets, etc from flooding.
  • Guard against water main breaks or river and stream overflows.
  • Redirect flood water to a desired safe location.
  • Prepare first responders (police/fire depts., building maintenance staff, etc) for quick deployment in frequently-flooded locations.
  • Install on a wide variety of surfaces (dirt, grass, gravel, asphalt, etc).
  • Cover large areas, like entire neighborhoods, by connecting many Water-Gate barriers together.

Water-Gate Features

  • Fast, easy installation: Simply unroll the barrier and secure its front bib. A barrier can often be unrolled by a single person in just minutes.
  • Rapid, automatic deployment: Water pressure opens the Water-Gate automatically.
  • Flexibility: Barrier contours to the shape of the ground and can bend, allowing it to follow the bank of a river or turn corners around buildings.
  • Versatility: Useful in a wide variety of situations and conditions, including in cold winter temperatures. Barrier can activate from a weak trickle or rapid flow of water.
  • Extendable: Many barriers can be attached together to protect large areas.
  • Minimal equipment needed: Does not require manual inflation. Lightweight design minimizes transportation effort and manpower needs.
  • Quick, easy removal: Lift up one end (bottom bib front part) and let water flow under the barrier, or let the barrier close automatically as water recedes. Significantly easier than removing and disposing of heavy sandbags.
  • Reusable: Made from heavy duty 18 oz PVC fabric, Water-Gate is designed to be reused again and again, for many years. After deployment, clean the barrier with a pressure washer, dry it, and store it conveniently for its next deployment.
  • Easy to store: Barrier rolls up into a compact size, allowing for easy storage.
  • Ready to use: Water-Gate comes ready to be deployed, right out of the box.
  • Several barrier heights available: Water-Gate barriers come in a variety of heights. See chart below for specifics.
  • Easy maintenance and repair: No maintenance is required – simply clean, dry, and roll up the barrier after use. In the unusual case of a rip, Water-Gate can be repaired easily. It can even be patched while still in the water, since the water’s pressure seals the patch.
  • Environmentally friendly: Barriers can be installed on the ground or in water without harming the environment.

Accessories and Customization Available: Call for information

  • Quick-deployment crates available: Crates can be purchased as an accessory along with WL barriers. Barriers can be folded, accordion style, in the crates, allowing for very fast deployment. Long barriers can be deployed extremely fast using a vehicle (hundreds of feet of barrier within 10 minutes). The crates also provide convenient storage for the barriers. A variety of sizes are available.
  • A number of additional accessories are available, including spillways, stakes, ballast bags, and pumps, allowing Water-Gate to be adapted to specific situations.
  • Water-Gate barriers can be customized for particular applications.

Technical Information

  • Water-Gate WL barriers are folded in a way that allows them to be deployed quickly in water.
  • Made of polyester fabric coated with PVC. It is ultra robust and abrasion resistant for installations on a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Inner partition stretches to get a better grip on smooth surfaces.
  • Tear-resistant polypropylene handles for easy deployment, carrying, and manipulation.
  • Galvanized steel ballasting plates embedded in a polyester mesh are sewn to the WL Barrier.

Sizes and Pricing

See chart below for available sizes and pricing. Call for shipping costs and to order.

Imperial system
Retention level x Length
Metric system
Retention level x Length
Unit Weight
lbs / kg
Unit Price

WL-0630 6" x 30’ 15 cm x 9.1 m 41 / 18.7 Call for pricing
WL-1430 14" x 30’ 35 cm x 9.1 m 56.6 / 25.7 Call for pricing
WL-1450 14" x 50’ 35 cm x 15.2 m 92.6 / 42.1 Call for pricing
WL-2030 20" x 30’ 50 cm x 9.1 m 72 / 32.7 Call for pricing
WL-2050 20" x 50’ 50 cm x 15.2 m 118 / 53.6 Call for pricing
WL-2630 26½" x 30’ 67 cm x 9.1 m 91.5 / 41.6 Call for pricing
WL-2650 26½" x 50’ 67 cm x 15.2 m 150 / 68.2 Call for pricing
WL-3230 32" x 30’ 81 cm x 9.1 m 143 / 65 Call for pricing
WL-3250 32" x 50’ 81 cm x 15.2 m 234 / 106 Call for pricing
WL-3930 39" x 30’ 1 m x 9.1 m 185 / 84 Call for pricing
WL-3950 39" x 50’ 1 m x 15.2 m 295 / 134 Call for pricing
WL-5030 50" x 30’ 1.3 m x 9.1 m 260 / 118 Call for pricing
WL-5050 50" x 50’ 1.3 m x 15.2 m 427 / 194 Call for pricing
WL-6030 60" x 30’ 1.5 m x 9.1 m 287 / 130 Call for pricing
WL-6050 60" x 50’ 1.5 m x 15.2 m 470 / 214 Call for pricing

Shipping Information

  • Shipping charges apply. Call for specific shipping costs for your location.