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Product Image Space-Saver Float for Small Sump Pits

Space-Saver Float for Small Sump Pits

$ 34.00

Model No. SF
Manufacturer: Base Products Corporation

Quick Summary

  • This float allows Basepump water powered sump pumps to function in very small sump pits.
  • It is available for $34 as an optional substitute for the standard Basepump float. When you purchase this with a Basepump water powered sump pump, you’ll receive the space saver float instead of the standard float.
  • You might need this if you have 1 of the following conditions: 1) Have a sump pit less than 14” in diameter or less than 10” deep; 2) Have a radon-sealed sump pit cover; 3) Have a very crowded sump pit with multiple pumps.


  • The standard Basepump float is approximately the size of a softball (appx. 4-½" in diameter) and hangs on a 5” long mechanism, giving it a footprint that’s 9" long x 4½" wide. In the vast majority of sump pits, it fits and operates just fine. However, in some very small or crowded sump pits, a smaller float is needed – that what the Space-Saver Float is for.
  • If you order this float when ordering a Basepump, the standard Basepump float will be removed from the package, and this float will be substituted for it.
  • If you order this float after receiving delivery of a standard Basepump floats, we ask that you return the standard float to us to help offset the cost of the Space Saver Float.
  • The photo above shows the difference between the standard Basepump float and the Space Saver Float, each mounted on the suction pipe in their typical operating position. The line marked "operational water level" is the level at which each float will activate the pump. The standard float is mounted higher and needs more room to operate than the space saver float.
  • When you mount the Space Saver Float on the suction pipe, the bracket is turned so that it "hugs" the pipe even more closely than shown in the photo above, so its "footprint" is actually even smaller than the photo depicts. It can be placed directly against the side of the sump, and it will work normally even if the primary sump pump's float bumps against it.

Shipping Information

  • Shipping weight: 1 lb.
  • UPS Ground Shipping to the continental US is Free.
  • Canadian customers: We must process your orders over the phone. To place an order, call us at 800-318-4159. United States Postal Service Ground to Canada is Free.
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Note: All prices in USD

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