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Product Image Hydropump DH1800

Hydropump DH1800 Battery Backup Sump Pump, with Do-It-Yourself Installation

$ 259.00

Model No. DH1800
Manufacturer: Base Products Corporation

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Quick Summary

  • High-performance battery backup sump pump
  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation.
  • Average pumping rate: 1800 gallons/hour, at 9 feet of lift
  • Corrosion resistant components
  • Advanced finish-charger protects battery
  • Water alarm alerts you to high water conditions
  • Free Shipping to the continental USA

Unique Features

  • Easy to install. Stainless steel mounting bracket makes it easy to position the pump. All connections are made above the floor. No re-working of main sump pump piping. Usually takes about an hour.
  • Durable construction – The DH1800 is made from high grade components. Each unit is hand-assembled and hand-tested in the USA.
  • Better charger - High quality finish charger protects you from ending up with an overcharged, dead battery.
  • Pump stays dry - Hangs on its bracket above the normal water line, extending its life.
  • Check valve protected - Many backup pumps' check valves are placed close to the primary pump's exit. The high water turbulence at this point can damage the check valve, potentially causing a basement flood. The DH1800 avoids this problem by connecting to the discharge pipe 3 to 4 feet above the main pump's exit. This allows you to install the check valve at a safe point where water is running smoothly through the pipe, preventing damage to the check valve.

Pump Capacity

  • Pumping rates: 1800 GPH at 9' of lift, 2600 GPH at 5' of lift
  • Provides 12 hours of pumping time if pump cycles every minute, 48 hours of pumping time if pump cycles every 5 minutes, and 96 hours of pumping time if pump cycles every 15 minutes
  • Each pump cycle above represents 30 seconds of pumping time
  • Pumping time can be doubled by adding capacity for a second battery with optional Dual Battery Case.


  • Stainless steel mounting bracket included, making installation simple and easy. Usually this takes about an hour.
  • Everything needed for installation is included, except the battery and a few basic supplies (see Hydropump installation instructions and necessary installation tools below)
  • Hydropump is independent of your main sump pump, which means you do not have to rework the main pump or pipework


  • Heavy duty, efficient motor allows for long life and running time
  • Water alarm sounds when backup pump is operating, alerting you to high water conditions


  • High-impact plastic battery case protects the battery and terminals, while allowing plenty of ventilation.
  • Double your pumping time by adding capacity for a second battery with optional Dual Battery Case
  • Note: Battery NOT included, due to shipping weight. Recommend buying a 12 volt battery at a hardware or automotive store. Any of the following types work: Marine Deep Cycle, Sealed Lead-Acid, Gel Type or AGM. Use case size 27. More information on sump pump batteries.


  • High quality finish charger included. Can charge 2 batteries, if using optional Dual Battery Case
  • Battery status light indicates whether battery is good or needs replacement.
  • Advanced finish-charger safeguards the battery from overcharging, a common cause of dead batteries.

Technical Information

  • Motor: 1/8 HP, 12V-DC, 10 AMP
  • Charger: 1 AMP Hour @ 12V-DC
  • Service: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, GFCI Outlet
  • Pump Size: 9 1/2" length, 6" diameter
  • Pump Weight: 12 Lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 18 Lbs.
  • Can be used with a sealed radon cover

Items Included:

  • DH1800 Battery Powered Backup Sump Pump
  • Charger: High performance finish charger
  • Float Switch: Tether type with clamp and heavy duty cord
  • Battery Case: High impact plastic (battery not included)
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Water alarm
  • Hardware: hose clamps, 1" flexible hose, PVC tee / check valve
  • Instructions
  • 2 year manufacturer's limited warranty

Installation Steps

  • Position pump using floor bracket.
  • Set up discharge (3 options): 1) Outdoor Discharge - Pipe discharge hose directly to the outdoors, 2) Indoor Discharge - Install the tee into main sump pump discharge line, 3) Emergency Discharge - Connect hose into a laundry tub or floor drain.
  • Mount the float switch.
  • Insert battery into box and connect terminals.
  • See also Hydropump installation instructions (follow link above).

Additional Parts, Tools, and Supplies Needed for Installation

  • Check Valve for Primary Pump (homeowners often have this already)
  • Hand Saw and/or PVC cutting tool
  • Phillips and Slotted Screwdrivers
  • Utility Knife
  • Tape measure
  • Large adjustable pliers
  • PVC cement

Shipping Information

  • Shipping weight: 18 lbs.
  • UPS Ground Shipping to the continental US is Free.
  • Canadian customers: We must process your orders over the phone. To place an order, call us at 800-318-4159. United States Postal Service Ground to Canada is $69 (higher cost is because it includes customs duty).
  • Call us for quotes to Alaska and Hawaii, or for Second Day or Next Day Air Shipping quotes.

What is "lift?"

  • "Lift" is the height the sump water must be pumped before leaving the house.
  • A typical basement is 7 feet tall, plus 2 feet into the sump pit, for a total of 9 feet of lift. Higher lift distance makes the pump work harder, thereby reducing its pumping rate.

Note: All prices in USD

Read our article to learn how to determine what sump pump size you need.

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