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Product Image Oilbug Oil Leak Detection System

Aqualeak Oilbug Single Zone Oil Leak Detector

$ 270.00

Model No. OB24V, OB110VAV
Manufacturer: Aqualeak Detection Ltd

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PDF information sheet available: Oilbug Oil Leak Monitor.


Quick Summary

  • Single zone oil leak detector. Typical applications include: oil/diesel storage tanks, fuel feed pipelines, boiler houses, and plant rooms.
  • Works with the Redeye sensor (sold separately) to provide spot monitoring for detection of oil and diesel leaks.
  • Volt free relay output allows onward connection to other systems such as a BMS


Models and Pricing:

  • Oilbug+Plus: $455.00 (OB110VAV)
  • Standard Oilbug: $270.00 (OB24V)


The Oilbug single zone oil leak detection system works with a sensor unit called the Redeye, to detect the presence of substances such as oil and diesel. The Redeye sensor (sold separately, see the Redeye Oil Leak Sensor product page) employs sophisticated Optoschmitt technology to determine the presence of opaque liquids. The Oilbug provides spot monitoring for detection of oil and diesel leaks. It works from a mains or an external 12 – 24 VAC supply, and a volt free relay output allows onward connection to other systems such as a BMS.

When it detects the presence of oil or diesel, the Redeye sensor puts the Oilbug into an alarm state. There are two versions of the Oilbug: the standard Oilbug and the Oilbug+Plus. The standard Oilbug has no local alarm outputs and is simply connected via a volt free relay to the BMS. When a leak is detected, the relay will change over and the BMS will be alerted to the situation. The Oilbug+Plus has the same functionality as the standard Oilbug with the addition of a local audio and visual output on the alarm panel.

Typical Applications include:

  • Oil/diesel storage tanks
  • Fuel feed pipelines
  • Boiler houses
  • Factory/plant rooms

The Oilbug can use up to 2 Redeye sensors wired in parallel attached, allowing more than one area to be monitored simultaneously.


  • Dimensions: 127 x 75 x 45mm
  • Power Supply: 240VAC (12 -24V version available)
  • Housing: IP65
  • Relay Rating: 230VAC 2 amp
  • Sensor Adjustment: 0mm to 25mm
  • Number of Sensors Accommodated: Maximum of 2 wired in parallel

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