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YdroStop Non-Electric Whole House Water Shutoff System

$ 373.00

Model No. HS2800, HS2800-PF, HS4000, HS4000-PF
Manufacturer: Ydroteq


  • YdroStop works like a fuse in your plumbing system to reduce the risk of serious flooding if a pipe bursts or a faucet is left open.
  • YdroStop shuts off the water supply if it detects a persistent flow, leak, or burst pipe.
  • Ideal for houses, apartments, vacation rentals, and small commercial buildings.
  • When it detects a sudden break in a water pipe, YdroStop quickly shuts off the water supply.
  • In response to continuous water flow (leaks, open faucets, etc.), YdroStop shuts off the water supply after a pre-set amount of time.
  • Prevents unnecessary water consumption due to leaks or open faucets, saving money and helping to protect the environment.
  • Does not require electricity to operate. No need to worry about batteries or power sources.
  • Note: YdroStop is Not suitable for outdoor irrigation systems.
  • Please Read: YdroStop Product Use and Application Sheet (PDF).

Sizes Available and Optional Pre-Filter: Select from the drop-down menu at top of this page.

  • Low Volume, model HS1700: Ideal for offices, cabins, kitchenettes, etc. Accommodates flow rates between 7 to 450 GPH; 25 to 1700 L/H. Note: Call to order this model
  • Standard Volume, model HS2800: Accommodates flow rates between 7 to 750 gallons-per-hour (GPH); 25 to 2800 liters-per-hour (L/H) for general residential purposes.
  • High Volume, model HS4000: Accommodates flow rates between 7 to 1050 GPH; 25 to 4000 L/H for large residential houses and commercial building.
  • Optional Pre-Filter available, model #38500: Pre-filter is necessary for use with steel or galvanized pipe and/or dirty water sources, for instance in well systems, ponds, etc. Note: Use drop-down menu to order pre-filter along with YdroStop; Pre-filter can also be ordered by itself ($47) - call to order.


  • YdroStop operates by detecting water pressure changes. If it registers a large difference in pressure (broken pipe, etc), it quickly shuts off the water supply.
  • During normal water consumption, a small difference in pressure occurs, which activates the YdroStop’s timing mechanism. If the continual water consumption exceeds a preset time (leak, open tap, etc) YdroStop will then shut off the water supply. The timer can be set from 15 minutes to 2 hours.
  • After the open faucet has been closed, or the leak has been repaired, YdroStop will automatically reset (in automatic mode) after about 20 seconds, allowing water to flow again. YdroStop can also be reset manually.
  • Once reset, YdroStop will re-start its timing mechanism from zero the next time water is consumed.
  • During normal water consumption the user will not be aware that YdroStop is installed.


  • Residential: Houses, apartments, vacation properties
  • Commercial: Small retail stores, hotels/motels, restaurants, etc.
  • Municipal: Small schools, offices, government buildings, etc.
  • Note: YdroStop is Not suitable for outdoor irrigation systems. (Consult the factory for irrigation applications).


  • Adjustable timing mechanism, configurable from 15 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Automatic reset, once water consumption is stopped.
  • No electricity required for operation. No need to worry about batteries or power sources.
  • Simple installation – immediately after the water meter.
  • Materials comply with international standards for drinking-water quality.
  • Includes a non-return valve.

How it Works:

YdroStop operates on a hydraulic principle ensuring that the pressure leaving and the pressure entering the unit are equal. When it detects that the outlet pressure has dropped significantly versus the incoming pressure, indicating a fractured or burst pipe in the down line, YdroStop shuts off the water supply. This takes place quickly, generally in a matter of seconds - the exact speed is dictated by the specifics of the building’s pipe system. In addition, YdroStop is equipped with a mechanical flow timer that operates much like a water meter. When water begins to flow through the unit its rotor is activated, which starts a timer. When the elapsed time reaches the unit’s pre-set limit (adjustable between 15 min. and 2 hrs.), YdroStop shuts off the water supply.

Download a YdroStop product information sheet (PDF).


  • Pipe size: ¾" NPT
  • Material: PVC
  • Dimensions: 14" length x 10" height x 3" width, (19" long with pre-filter installed)
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs without pre-filter, 3.5 lbs with pre-filter installed
  • Time setting: 15 minutes to 2 hours (adjustable)
  • Automatic or manual resetting switch
  • Pressure: (working) 7 – 90 PSI, (tested) 300 PSI
  • Pressure loss: 3 – 10 PSI
  • Temperature: 86 F Max
  • Installation: Immediately after the water meter
  • WRc approval (UK) cert. Nr. 9904045
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee: 2 years
  • Non-return valve included
  • Flow rate, model numbers:
    • Standard Volume, model HS2800: minimum 7 GPH, maximum 750 GPH
    • High Volume, model HS4000: minimum 7 GPH, maximum 1050 GPH

Materials Included

  • YdroStop
  • Adjustment key
  • Pipe fittings
  • Gaskets
  • Replacement spool piece
  • Complete operation/installation instructions

Demo Unit

  • Receive a YdroStop HS2800 demo unit to test the operation and performance before your actual purchase.
  • The demo unit requires no tools, just connect it to your garden hose and operate.
  • Deposit: $339.00 (100% refundable upon return and inspection, less outbound freight)
  • Download a YdroStop Demo Data Sheet (PDF)

Shipping Information

  • Free standard ground shipping to the continental USA.
  • Canadian customers: We must process your orders over the phone. For a shipping cost estimate or to place an order, call us at 1-800-318-4159.
  • Call us for quotes to Alaska and Hawaii, or for Second Day or Next Day Air Shipping quotes.

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